Community Gardens

Why a Community Garden Network?

Prior to 2008, no public community gardens were offered in the Greater Vernon area. During a Food Security Assessment conducted in 2007, it was learned through public consultation that Community Gardens are considered important components of a healthy community food system that provide added recreational and social benefits. There are currently three community allotment gardens serving the Greater Vernon area.

Who runs the Community Garden Network?

The Greater Vernon Community Garden Network has evolved through the efforts of community garden champions, the Food Action Society who administers the garden grants and fees, and with the support of local government and funding agencies. The Community Garden Network model is a partnership between the Regional District, the Food Action Society, and the volunteer garden committees. More details can be found here.

In February 2010, the Regional District of the North Okanagan endorsed a policy providing Greater Vernon Parks, Recreation and Culture a framework within which community gardens could continue to be supported and developed to meet this growing community interest. If you are thinking of starting a community garden in your neighbourhood, you may refer to the New Garden Start-Up Guide and the Community Garden Inventory of Public Sites for information.

Volunteer Garden Committees

Each of the community gardens has a volunteer committee and garden representative to manage the day to day operations of the gardens. Additionally, gardeners sign an agreement to follow the rules of the garden and to help maintain the garden site along with their own garden bed.

How Do I Sign Up for a Community Garden Allotment?

When openings come available at any of the gardens, new gardeners have an opportunity to register first come first serve starting in January each year and running until March 15- preceding the garden opening in April. Gardeners need to register in person at the Recreation Centre. It is recommended to register early to avoid disappointment.

Each gardener must attend the gardener orientation before the season begins.
Information will be provided upon registration.

Registration Forms

East Hill Community Garden

West Vernon Community Garden