Fitness for Older Adults

Fitness for Older Adults

AfL_LogoOlder Adults benefit greatly from getting out of the house socializing with friends and being active. The information in this section gives you some ideas and suggestions that you can do every day to help you stay healthy and independent!

walkingFitness for Older Adults

Feldenkrais Movement Education – Discover a more flexible, comfortable, and capable you! With gentle movement sequences done while lying down on soft mats, you can overcome personal physical limitations, become energized, and forever change how you deal with pain. All this and more with no stretching or straining just pleasurable, effortless easy movements. Appropriate for active-minded people of all ages and abilities. Come enjoy the benefits of moving in ways you may never have thought possible before! Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a rolled up towel to place under your head. Mats provided. Drop-ins welcome. Your instructor is Brent Kisilevich, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and leader of the Canadian Ski Patrol volunteer team for Silver Star Mountain.
Tue 12:30-1:30pm Aud. East
Sep 29-Nov 3 #31904 $76
Nov 17-Dec 15 #31905 $63

Pilates, Long & Lean, Tall & Toned – Do you dream of long lean muscles and a tall toned torso?
Pilates can help make your dream a reality. The co-ed class features 60 minutes of continuous movement to tone and strengthen your core, build long lean muscles and improve body awareness. Improve the way you look and feel, have fun and leave the class feeling worked, energized and destressed. No class Oct 12, Oct 19 location tba.
Mon 6:10-7:10pm Aud.East
Sep 28-Dec 7 #31869 $111
Mon 7:15-8:15pm Aud. East
Sep 28-Dec 7 #31870 $111

Basic Hatha Yoga – Enjoy the benefit of this ancient practice to develop and unite your physical and mental balance and flexibility. Learn a series of movement, breathing and relaxation techniques to give you the tools for releasing stress and achieving calm. Beginner and intermediate students both welcome. Instructor: Denise Callander.
Tue 7:15-8:30pm Aud. East
Sep 29-Dec 8 #31872 $84

50+ Karate & Fitness – Great for health, flexibility and self defense. Traditional karate is a martial art that is recognized for promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle. This program is designed for women and men 50 years and up who have an interest in the martial arts. The training will be tailored to the ability of the participants. It will involve all aspects of karate that include the practice of basic techniques, partner work, self-defense and the study of Kata (traditional forms). There are many individuals who practice and enjoy karate training who are in their 60’s, 70’s and beyond. Previous experience not required.
Wed 12:30-1:30pm Auditorium
Sep 30-Dec 9 #31908 $93

Osteofit 1 – As B.C.’s population ages, decreased strength and increased risk of falls are major concerns. The BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre’s Osteofit program provides a gentle strength, balance and coordination program designed to improve fitness while promoting healthy bones. This unique and fun program focuses on improving physical strength, balance and quality of life while reducing the risk of falls and fractures. Osteofit is taught by specially trained fitness instructors.
Tue, Fri 10:15-11:15am Halina Room
Sep 29-Nov 6 #31889 $58
Nov 10-Dec 18 #31890 $58

Osteofit For Life – Want to improve your posture, balance and strength? Join in this fun, simple, gentle fitness class. Easy aerobic routines warm you up before concentrating on core strength and postural exercises. Exercise bands, tubes and hand weights are used in this light to moderate intensity class intended for the older adult and graduates of Osteofit 1.
Tue, Fri 9:05-10:05am Halina Room
Sep 29-Nov 6 #31891 $58
Nov 10-Dec 18 #31892 $58

Tue, Fri 8:00-9:00am Halina Rm
Sep 29-Nov 6 #31893 $58
Nov 10-Dec 18 #31894 $58

Smart Fit – Drop in Program
This is the best fitness program for older adults offered in our area. Improve your cardiovascular endurance, balance and strength. Held on a drop in basis in order to accommodate your changing schedule and busy life!
Tue & Thu 8:30-9:30am PV Gym
Sep 22-Dec17 10x drop in pass $56
1x drop in $6.25 30x drop in pass $169

Yoga for Older Adults – Relieve stress and release tension with a gentle explorat-ion of essential yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation tools designed to safely allow you to experience the benefits of Hatha Yoga. Participants must be able to get and down from the floor unassisted.
Wed 10:30-11:45am Lakers Clubhse
Sep 23-Dec 2 #31871 $84

Minds in MotionTM – is designed for people diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia. Attend with a friend, family member or caregiver. After the exercise portion we will play games or just enjoy social time with light refreshments in a relaxed atmosphere.
Thu 10:00-11:30am Halina Rm
Sep 24-Oct 29 #31899 $37
Nov 5-Dec 17 #31900 $43

Get Up & Go – program offers an appropriate entry level exercise program for seniors with balance, mobility impairments and/or chronic disease. This 60 min class will lead you through the 3 phases of a safe and effective exercise program: 1. Warm up & cardio; 2. strengthening with bands and light weights; 3. stretching. Emphasis will be placed on correct techniques and your safety. Take the first step towards improved posture, increased strength, endurance and better balance. Interior Health referral required. No class Oct 12 & 19.
Mon,Wed 10:00-11:00am Aud. East
Sep 28-Nov 9 #31895 $39
Nov 16-Dec 16 #31896 $36

Mon,Wed 11:15-12:15pm
Sep 28-Nov 9 #31897 $39
Nov 16-Dec 16 #31898 $36

Group Exercise for Hip & Knee Replacement – Finally, a safe and effective (small group) exercise class designed for persons who have had total knee or hip replacement. Have you finished your rehabilitation with your physio therapist? Are you wondering what to do next? Are you nervous about jumping into a regular fitness class or how to stay active with your new knee or hip? In this class you will learn how to:
1) prevent contracture of the muscles surrounding the new joint and
2) how to increase muscle strength for joint stability.

You will also be provided with your own exercise log and a week to week progression of exercises and stretches.
All those registering must have a referral from a physio-therapist or orthopedic surgeon. All participants must be able to get up and down off the floor without help. All participants will be assesed by the instructor prior to the start of class to ensure they are a good fit for the class. Fitness Gym.

Mon & Thur 3:15-4:15pm
Oct 15-Nov 12 #31812 $126
Nov 16-Dec 17 #30813 $140