Our cooking instructors Shirley and Terry Koreen bring a rich history of international experience to the table. They are well travelled and have a willingness to share some of the cuisine and cultural experience encountered while living and working abroad. They look forward to sharing an interest in cooking delicious food that is not only quick and easy to prepare but also healthy. These cooking classes are thematic in nature and have been chosen for their fun and popular interest.
All classes run 7:00-9:00pm Community Baptist Church, 4911 Silver Star Rd.

Southeast Asia
Sessions this time will include some typical dishes from Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. Learning to create some different yet tasty dishes from this part of the world will prove to be a unique and exciting experience for your friends and family.
Mon Sep 28-Oct 5 #31876 $55
Tue Sep 29-Oct 6 #31877 $55

Mediterranean Magic
We have all heard of ‘The Mediterranean Diet’ but in reality there are over 22 countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. The variety of cultures and cooking styles share many common ingredients such as olive oil, plant-based dishes and seafood. Come and share some of the magic of Mediterranean cuisine with us.
Mon Oct 19-26 #31878 $55
Tue Oct 20-27 #31879 $55

East Asia
Popular demand indicates this session should once again include an evening with a typical meal from South Korea. The second night will feature some dishes from China and Japan as well. Whether you know how to use chopsticks or not you are invited to participate and learn how to prepare and enjoy.
Mon Nov 2-9 #31880 $55
Tue Nov 3-10 #31881 $55

Thai Temptations
Tourism and Ethnic restaurants have increased our exposure to the food found in Thailand. The appeal of Thai cuisine is found in the balance of the fundamental tastes of sour, sweet, salty, and spicy. Whether this is all found in a separate dish or combined in a whole meal it proves irresistible to our palate. Come and share some of the tastes and cooking styles of Thailand with us.
Mon Nov 16-23 #31882 $55
Tue Nov 17-24 #31883 $55

puppygDog Obedience

Our instructor, Adel, has been leading the Dog Obedience classes for over 8 years and has met many great dogs and owners. Adel feels that the socialization of dogs with people and other dogs is an important factor in dog obedience. Adel has dogs of her own and enjoys leading these classes and sharing her passion for dogs.

Dog & Puppy Obedience Training
With a focus on socialization our Dog & Puppy Obedience classes will cover basic commands (sit, stay, come), leash and collar safety and more. Our classes are great for beginner trainers and all types of dogs. ALL dogs should have received their first shots.

Dog Obedience Training
This course is for dogs 6 months and older.
Mon 7:30-8:30pm Auditorium
Sep 21-Nov 2 #31885 $88
No class Oct 12, Oct 19 class location tba

Obedience Training for Puppies
This course is for dogs 6 months and younger.
Mon 6:15-7:15pm Auditorium
Sep 21-Nov 2 #31884 $88
No class Oct 12, Oct 19 class location tba

Sword Fighting

Swordfighting for Girls Ages 12+
Designed for teenaged girls and women who might benefit from an all girl environment, this course is about swordfighting but it is also about much more than that. It is about claiming the right to defend and protect. In this course you will discover how the fundamentals of martial arts can be applied to real life.
Mon 5:00-6:30pm $100
Sep 21-Nov 23 #31936 Lakers Clubhouse

Beginning Longsword Ages 16+
A longsword is a two handed, double edged weapon that was in common use during medieval times. Contrary to common belief these swords were not heavy. Instead they were light and agile blades. Size and strength are an advantage in fighting, but they can be trumped by speed, sensitivity and cleverness when fighting with longswords. This introduction will be based on medieval fighting manuals from Italy, Germany, and England. Longswords are also great training for those who want to use lightsabers.
Mon 6:30- 8:00pm $100
Sep 21-Nov 23 #31933 Lakers Clubhouse

Swordfighting for Boys Ages 12-16yrs
Swordfighting is an activity that helps boys to grow into young men. It teaches about the responsible use of power. The course builds character values, self respect, and respect for others while building skills in sword fighting and practical self defense. What boy doesn’t want to hold a sword? In this course you will also discover how the fundamentals of martial arts can be applied to real life.
Wed 5:00- 6:30pm $100
Sep 23-Nov 18 #31934 Lakers Clubhouse

Small Arms and Self Defense Ages 16+
This course is an introduction to western martial arts (WMA). Drawing from medieval manuscripts and present day arts with a direct link to medieval arts you will learn about medieval wrestling and how to use small arms such as knives and sticks. We’ll show you how to grapple, execute takedowns and tosses, and get you some experience using the stick and staff. Through this method of fighting, we will build fundamentals for further WMA studies and for self defense.
Wed 6:30- 8:00pm $100
Sep 23-Nov 18 #31935 Lakers Clubhouse

Multi Sport

Whether you were the dominator or just happy to get through it without embarassing yourself, everyone has memories of school gym class. From dodgeball to handball, volleyball to flag football, we will have you feeling nostalgic on a weekly basis. The program is CO-ED and non-competitive with a major emphasis on sportsmanship. There’ll be a new sport every week so gather up some friends or sign up as a single and come find your inner gym
class hero…..It’s PE for Adults!
Mon,Tue 6:00-10:00pm Mon: Silver Star Elem.
6:45-8:45pm Tues: Kidston
Sep 14-Nov 17 #31863 $500/team
#32233 $50/singles
Mon 6:00-10:00pm Okanagan Lndg Elem.
Sep 14-Nov 16 #31864 $500/team
#32234 $50/singles


Sport Coaching

PacificSport is offering free NCCP courses as part of National Coaches Week.

Teaching & Learning
Kal Tire Centre (Vernon)
Saturday Sep 26, 9:00am – 5:00pm
FREE (as part of Coach’s Week) Code: 32276

Basic Mental Skills
Kal Tire Centre (Vernon)
Sunday Sep 27, 1:30pm – 4:30pm
FREE (as part of Coach’s Week) Code: 32278

Designing a Sport Program
Kal Tire Centre (Vernon)
Saturday Sep 27, 9:00am – 1:00pm
FREE (as part of Coach’s Week) Code: 32277

Fundamental Movement Skills

The Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) of throwing, catching, jumping, striking, running, kicking, agility, balance and coordination, form the basis for future sport skill development and for the life-long enjoyment of physical activity. This course is designed to give coaches the skills to: analyze and identify the various stages of development for FMS; apply a six-step process to teaching the fundamental movement skills to their athletes; create safe games where children can practice fundamental movement skills.

**Participants will receive NCCP Certification upon completion of this course.

Sunday Sept 27, 9:00am – 5:00pm
Location: Dogwood Gym, Greater Vernon Recreation Centre
FREE (as part of Coach’s Week) Code: 32279